Does the U.S. Still Have Rule of Law?

There has been some question in the media about what might happen to the rule of law as things in Washington continues. My answer: we have already lost it. As the situation in Washington becomes more chaotic every day and the news cycle is filled with ever evolving stories that, on their own, would otherwise be the controversy of the decade, it appears as though we have forgotten where we started. I posit, that there is serious doubt as to whether or not the rule of law even exists still in the U.S. and if it does, it is only in part.

Today, someone is acting as the attorney general who was not vetted or approved in any way by the U.S. Senate, this in and of itself is a clear demonstration that the constitution is no longer being upheld. To make things worse, there seems to be little effort going on to enforce it. People in the media keep asking whether or not this is even allowed when the answer is clear. No, an attorney general must be approved by the U.S. Senate. Attempting to put in place a man to a position he is not earned, and has not been approved for, is a clear misuse of public office. The fact that the seat he is attempting to occupy is that of the attorney general is even more concerning, as the role of the attorney general is to uphold and enforce the laws of the United States. Even the notion of someone standing in as attorney general who has not been approved by the Senate is a clear violation of the constitution.

Then there is the fact that Trump has directly ordered several blatantly unconstitutional acts onto his staff, everywhere from the violation of court orders all the way to trying to permit the military’s use of force on domestic soil. To add to that, it is arguable that the CBP’s use of tear gas on Mexican territory is a violation of the chemical weapons convention, which clearly restricts the use of tear gas to domestic purposes only. No attempt has even been made to address this concern, despite the calls from the Mexican government for an investigation. Not to mention the fact that the tear gas was being used as a tool to aid in an additional crime; denying asylum seekers access to a legal port of entry. Meanwhile the media talks about the content of the latest tweet, while ignoring the reality that the executive branch is actively disregarding court rulings.

It seems clear to me that any objective observer would see that the rule of law in the United States no longer applies within the circles closest to Washington. I believe that we need a serious public outcry in order to prevent the spread of lawlessness before it is too late for us to recover as a nation. The cool head of reason must not be too late in meeting the forces of impatient lawlessness. It is time the media begin pointing out the reality that laws have been broken before our eyes.

Benjamin CarolloComment