*This biographical information does not imply and endorsement from the DoD or any military branch. 

Ramstein - Charlie Flight

Immediately after completing technical training Benjamin was stationed at Ramstein Air Base where he worked at an intelligence squadron designed to rapidly respond to ongoing crises and preform first phase intelligence analysis. As a junior Airman Benjamin worked tirelessly to complete his on the job training faster than any of his peers, and complete his associates degree well ahead of schedule. At Charlie flight he worked with a multitude of intelligence gathering platforms including live video feeds from drones and still imagery collected from a wide range of platforms. It was here that he worked on missions to find kidnapped Nigerian school girls, track chemical weapons, and lead the fight against ISIS.

This was a job that involved constant awareness of the global political sphere and provided a close look at the suffering and conflict that exist globally. During this time Benjamin gained a deep understanding of the need to make bold changes in the world, and gained hands on experience in making those changes wherever possible. 

Ramstein - Eagle Vision

Image does not imply an endorsement by DoD or any military organization.

Image does not imply an endorsement by DoD or any military organization.

After some time at Ramstein AB the then Airman Carollo was placed into a unique position at an innovation program that reported to the Pentagon. It was there that he began to work closely with a wide range of NATO allies and variety of US special forces and OSI. He was given unique freedom to reach out to other branches and NATO allies to develop new techniques and procedures for producing intelligence products to be disseminated. He led the production of a many high importance intelligence products, ranging from drop zones for paratroopers, all the way to envoy route analysis products for the President of the United States. 

It was here that Benjamin led the largest project in the program's history in response to a large international crisis that was going on at the time. The result of this project was intelligence that was shared across NATO and the personal thanks from the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. It is certainly one of the proudest moments of Benjamin's military career. 

Benjamin greatly expanded the role of Eagle Vision in the international Intelligence community, and became the defacto subject matter expert on the techniques and tools used by the intelligence shop. He also spent a great deal of time training new members on the techniques he had developed and attempted to lead the new Airmen into the same path of expanding the capabilities of the close knit intelligence shop. Benjamin left behind a legacy of innovation and a well rounded intelligence production shop, and a reputation as a leader well above his own enlisted rank. At the end of his active duty service Benjamin proudly received an Achievement Medal for his accomplishments at Ramstein. 

Air National Guard - Reserve Status

After completion of his Active duty service Benjamin transferred to the Air National guard here in Minnesota where he currently serves in reserve status as a Cyber Security professional. In this role he has led cyber security compliance projects and assisted in risk management efforts.