Resources for Political Campaigns

Every District is different, and every campaign is unique, so you may find different advice is better for your situation. So I have compiled a list of resources that will be helpful to you in you campaign.

National Democratic Training COMMITTEE

The NDTC has put together tons of fantastic training that is essential for people who are new to campaigning. Even if you are not a candidate and just want to help, it will give you an intro into any aspect of a campaign you might be interested in helping with. It also has some awesome template tools for running your campaign.

Google | Analytics Academy

This is some training that google put out on how to use google analytics. It does a decent job of introducing a beginning to the important stuff. I would definitely check this out right away so your data is being collected from the start.

NationBuilder | How to Run for Office

Another set of training videos with some template tools. It covers a lot of the same content that the NDTC covers, so it is great for a beginning trying to learn the ropes, or maybe get a few new Ideas.

Google | Academy for Ads

You are going to want to run google ads, almost no matter how small your race is. They are capable of being highly targeted locally and are incredibly scalable so you only pay what you need/want.
This is some training put out by google on how to run these ads effectively.