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I grew up in a single parent home with my 5 brothers in Anoka. For most of my life I witnessed my hard working mother maintain a 60 hour/week schedule to keep all of us boys fed and safely housed. She was a role model that instilled a strong work ethic in me that continues to this day. 

Growing up in a home that continuously struggled to stay afloat, I felt a sense of duty and urgency to improve the status of not only myself, but of every working american who finds it difficult to make ends meet. I saw my mother working a schedule harder than anyone else I knew, with no time for vacations or family trips and still we barely kept our home. I am a firm believer that success should be determined not by the status of your birth, but by the merits of your work. Experiencing first hand the fact that our economy is not one that favors the working class, I view it as my personal duty to improve the status of working people today.

During my High School years I participated in Track and Cross country, but I also worked about 25 hours a week at the Cub Foods where I was a member of the UFCW. It was a tough schedule, maintaining my spot as a Varsity pole vaulter while working and going to school, but it was also an amazing time of my life where I practiced a work ethic that continues to this day. All of that still, was only a stepping stone into the military service. 

Soon after graduating high school I joined the military and served for four years as a geospatial intelligence analyst. During this time I also completed my bachelor’s degree in social sciences with a focus on anthropology and a minor in biology. I managed to get my degree in just under a year and a half, I did this by testing out of as many classes I could and taking classes at double full time, all while on a full-time schedule serving in the military. After completing my active duty service I transferred to the Minnesota Air National Guard to serve as a traditional guardsman in cyber surety.