My Vision for Minnesota

Ben Carollo in downtown Anoka

If America stands as a shining example of Democracy in the world, then I believe Minnesota should stand as a shining example of American Democracy. Not long ago legislative races were not partisan races; heeding the warning of our founding fathers we did our best to not fall prey to the trap of divisive partisan politics. To this day Minnesota maintains a tradition of independence and cooperative spirit; a tradition I firmly believe in.

Liberty in action is not words on a page, but rather it is a community, unified in purpose, defending the rights of even the most marginalized and disadvantaged. I believe that liberty rests on a foundation of opportunity, a foundation that must remain strong and in tact.

How I want to Lead.

Plain and simple I want to run a campaign focused on the issues that all too often remain unaddressed. My goal is to inspire legislation that looks forward, to be proactive in finding solutions, rather than reactive, waiting for problems to arise. I want to bring nuance and thoughtful dialogue back into the political discourse, and invite fresh new ideas to the table.
A few issues that are very important to me include:

  • Fighting human trafficking in our State

  • Addressing the problem cyber crime head on

  • Strengthening constitutional freedoms for the digital age

  • Putting in place safeguards in the realm of biotechnology

  • Protecting our clean water and wildlife

  • Bolstering our education system